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Europe match results from 2021-08-18 to 2021-08-18

XG analysis summary

NameCountryBMAB no.BMAB titleLast 300 PRBMAB exp.Overall PRChecker PRCube PRLuckExp.DecisionsDecs/errorDecs/blunderWinLoseWin%
1Dirk SchiemannGermany00117Grandmaster G02.74885602.312.520.92+0.882843214.4086.403175.0
2Ali Cetin BeleneTurkey00469Grandmaster G02.73374682.402.392.59+0.973555117.7768.883260.0
3Thomas MyhrDenmark00150Grandmaster G13.049831053.162.675.92-4.742840111.1457.292250.0
4Ryan RebeloCanada00712Grandmaster G33.70362923.193.034.66+2.473551413.1851.403260.0
5Zdeněk ŽižkaCzechia00167Grandmaster G02.79749013.252.696.00+3.772827516.1855.002250.0
6Marc OlsenDenmark00143Grandmaster G23.61416683.333.084.85+4.413555611.5846.333260.0
7Marcus ReinhardGermany00688Grandmaster G23.602211523.713.176.45+8.543550111.3933.404180.0
8Kazuki YokotaJapan00710Grandmaster G23.26383313.722.6611.32-5.033564614.6835.891420.0
9Simon BargetUnited Kingdom00153Grandmaster G33.73603603.783.684.36+5.863560712.6533.724180.0
10Tim CrossUnited Kingdom00134Grandmaster G23.915257373.884.052.46-13.332832110.3529.18040.0
11Karen DavisUnited States00345Master M26.081531785.234.4010.23-6.92355558.0429.211420.0
12Tony DiamantidisGreece00714Advanced A17.61962446.635.6710.54-1.37355347.0319.782340.0
13Anders MarcussenDenmark007136.8289988.247.1014.36+4.50284716.2014.272250.0

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Karen Davis514-32033-13
Anders Marcussen422024231
Simon Barget541332275
Ali Cetin Belene532132248
Kazuki Yokota514-32433-9
Marc Olsen532130237
Tim Cross404-41128-17
Marcus Reinhard5413341618
Zdeněk Žižka422020164
Dirk Schiemann431224222
Tony Diamantidis523-12126-5
Ryan Rebelo532131247
Thomas Myhr42201523-8

Total of 13 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2PRBMAB EPNotes
1edit Wed 2021-08-18Marcus Reinhard7-Kazuki Yokota3.04 - 2.98Counts for both players
2edit Wed 2021-08-18Karen Davis-7Zdeněk Žižka2.66 - 0.86Counts for both players
3edit Wed 2021-08-18Ali Cetin Belene7-Thomas Myhr0.62 - 0.91Counts for both players
4edit Wed 2021-08-18Kazuki Yokota-7Marc Olsen4.32 - 1.30Counts for both players
5edit Wed 2021-08-18Simon Barget7-Tim Cross4.53 - 5.36Counts for both players
6edit Wed 2021-08-18Dirk Schiemann7-Marc Olsen2.24 - 3.62Counts for both players
7edit Wed 2021-08-18Tony Diamantidis-7Marc Olsen7.29 - 2.56Counts for both players
8edit Wed 2021-08-18Anders Marcussen7-Ryan Rebelo11.56 - 3.46Counts for both players
9edit Wed 2021-08-18Karen Davis7-Ali Cetin Belene5.34 - 3.73Counts for both players
10edit Wed 2021-08-18Zdeněk Žižka7-Thomas Myhr6.42 - 1.38Counts for both players
11edit Wed 2021-08-18Anders Marcussen-7Simon Barget7.52 - 3.97Counts for both players
12edit Wed 2021-08-18Marcus Reinhard7-Zdeněk Žižka3.85 - 7.69Counts for both players
13edit Wed 2021-08-18Marcus Reinhard7-Ryan Rebelo4.05 - 4.06Counts for both players
14edit Wed 2021-08-18Kazuki Yokota-7Dirk Schiemann4.95 - 1.94Counts for both players
15edit Wed 2021-08-18Ryan Rebelo7-Tim Cross3.20 - 3.26Counts for both players
16edit Wed 2021-08-18Tony Diamantidis-7Kazuki Yokota7.34 - 4.80Counts for both players
17edit Wed 2021-08-18Marc Olsen7-Tim Cross4.43 - 4.41Counts for both players
18edit Wed 2021-08-18Karen Davis-7Tony Diamantidis5.42 - 7.62Counts for both players
19edit Wed 2021-08-18Anders Marcussen-7Dirk Schiemann8.82 - 1.62Counts for both players
20edit Wed 2021-08-18Simon Barget-7Ali Cetin Belene4.76 - 1.75Counts for both players
21edit Wed 2021-08-18Marc Olsen-7Simon Barget4.08 - 2.38Counts for both players
22edit Wed 2021-08-18Tony Diamantidis-7Ryan Rebelo3.94 - 3.64Counts for both players
23edit Wed 2021-08-18Karen Davis-7Thomas Myhr7.77 - 4.46Counts for both players
24edit Wed 2021-08-18Tim Cross-7Tony Diamantidis2.33 - 5.38Counts for both players
25edit Wed 2021-08-18Marcus Reinhard7-Dirk Schiemann3.25 - 3.31Counts for both players
26edit Wed 2021-08-18Simon Barget7-Zdeněk Žižka3.43 - 2.01Counts for both players
27edit Wed 2021-08-18Anders Marcussen7-Karen Davis4.23 - 3.82Counts for both players
28edit Wed 2021-08-18Kazuki Yokota-7Ali Cetin Belene1.67 - 1.81Counts for both players
29edit Wed 2021-08-18Ali Cetin Belene-7Ryan Rebelo3.24 - 2.08Counts for both players
30edit Wed 2021-08-18Marcus Reinhard-7Thomas Myhr4.27 - 3.64Counts for both players
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